Additional Consultancy Services...

 I. Site and buildings

  Advising on the selection and suitability of sites, conducting negotiations concerned with sites or buildings; making measured surveys, taking levels; and preparing plans of sites and buildings or existing buildings.

  Making inspections, preparing reports or giving general advice on the conditions of premises.

  Preparing schedules of dilapidation and negotiating them on behalf of landlords or tenants, taking particulars on site, preparing specifications for repairs and supervising their execution.

  Making structural investigations, the limits of which shall be clearly defined and agreed in writing, such as are necessary to ascertain whether or not there are defects in the walls, roofs, floors, and drains of a building which may materially affect its life and value.

  Work in connection with soil investigations.

II. Existing Buildings

  Measurements and surveys of existing premises, research into past records, and making schedules of defects.


III. Special Drawings

  Preparing any drawings, models or technical information specially for the use of the client, or for town planning, by-laws and building regulation approval; negotiations with ground landlords, adjoining owners, public authorities, licensing authorities, mortgages and others.

IV. Negotiations

  Special negotiations arising from applications for town planning, building by-law, building act or building regulation approvals.

  Providing information and/or making all applications other than those detailed under normal services, including applications for licenses and other negotiations.

Others services include

Normal consultancy services
Special consultancy services

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