Normal Consultancy Services...

Provide design services.

Provide services as lead consultant on a regular or intermittent basis.

Consult with planning authorities.

Analyze the clients' requirements and prepare outline proposals.

Provide information to other consultants.

Prepare an application for full planning permission.

Submit scheme design showing spatial arrangements materials and appearance together with cost estimate for the client's approval.

Develop detail design from approved scheme design

Provide information to, discuss proposals with, and incorporate input of other consultants in detailed design.

Prepare production drawings.

Prepare information for the preparation of bills of quantities and/or schedules of works

Co-ordinate production information.

Advise and obtain the client's approval to a list of tenderers for the building contract.

Prequalification of tenderers.


Preparation of tender and contract documents.

Invite tenders.

Appraise and report on tenders with other consultants.

Advise the client on the appointment of the contractor and on the responsibilities of the parties and be the lead consultant under the building contract.

Provide information as required by the building contractor.

At intervals appropriate to the stage of construction visit the works to inspect the progress and quality of works and to determine that they are being executed generally in accordance with the contract documents.

Inspection of off-site materials supply and fabrication.

Certification of payments.

Assessment of contractors' claims.

Others services include


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